Free Life Coach Training

Build a thriving coaching business with less effort and more authenticity.

Starting a coaching business can feel overwhelming.


You ask yourself... 


Which niche should I choose?

What is the best way to coach?

How do I put myself out there?


Whether you’re a brand-new coach or you’ve been at this for a while, creating an authentic and prosperous coaching practice is possible.


It starts with YOU doing what works and what YOU enjoy... rather than what everyone else is doing. This is crucial.


We’re teaching you exactly how in Accelerate.


What you’ll learn…

✔️The biggest mistakes new coaches make

✔️How to easily find your niche

✔️The most authentic way to market yourself

✔️The one thing you must know to coach well

✔️How to sell without being salesy

✔️And a lot more

What you’ll get…

2 LIVE Workshops

On these high-energy Zoom calls with Natalie and John and our Team, you will learn, engage, and have fun. 

7-Day Online Course

Loaded with audios, videos, and PDFs, our Insight Coaching and Business Building Course will blow you away.

Real Team Support

You can’t do it alone and why try? Throughout Accelerate, our Team will do anything they can to help you level up.

Insight Coaching Certificate

For people who get committed we’ve decided to include our Insight Coaching and Business Building Certificate.

Join thousands of coaches who’ve started their free training... 

 “After being part of the Accelerate program, I completely shifted my approach to connecting with clients. The program is designed to help coaches succeed. It's fun, interactive, and full of amazing tools. John and his team are part of the process the entire time and they immediately welcome you into their Insight Coaching family.” ~Kylie Van Gelder

“This free program was so amazing. The presentations and short videos were very helpful as well as the open discussions with other coaches present. I loved the fact that the program was helpful to seasoned coached like myself and new coaches who are starting in this profession. ~Dr. Stem Mahlatini

“I found the workshops very valuable, teaching me the best way to go about creating clients and the language to use in coaching.  I loved the question, ‘What would make this a really powerful session for you?’ I highly recommend the ICC program to anyone who would like to further develop their coaching career.” ~Karen Watson

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