Free Life Coach Training

We've created an accelerated program to help people who are interested in life coaching to get started—or to help established life coaches accelerate their businesses. It's free, it's fun, and it's a great opportunity to connect with likeminded people.


As Insight coaches, we don’t tell our clients what to do or try to be the experts. We create powerful coaching experiences by holding the space for insight... because insight is everything. When you can help your client see something they couldn’t see, their whole world shifts. And as a result, they show up differently and begin to create in ways that were impossible just moments before.

Then, instead of spending our days marketing, we serve people. We proactively and authentically connect with people, and when there's an opportunity to help, we invite them to experience our coaching as a gift. As a result, we spend a lot of time coaching, and that’s the fastest way to gain confidence and increase skills. Plus it feels great. We didn’t get into this business to be stuck behind a computer all day, trying to become social media mavens. 

In Accelerate, you will learn a ton. This program is for people brand new to coaching as well as fully established coaches. 


Your Commitment To Us

Accelerate begins Tuesday, May 31

Your commitment is to attend two fun and interactive Life Coach Training Workshops on Zoom.

They take place May 31 and June 7.

Both Zoom calls are at 2pm Eastern (New York time)

They last 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

If you can't attend LIVE, you can watch the replays. (We HIGHLY encourage you to find a way to attend LIVE).

Our Commitment To You

We are going to teach you how to coach and how to serve people profoundly without expectation of anything in return by serving YOU profoundly without expectation of anything in return.

There will be no sales pitch, no marketing funnel.

Accelerate is free. There's no catch to it. We just ask that if you sign up, you show up—to the best of your ability. 

John and Natalie are committed to their mission of transforming the coaching space from one based on marketing, manipulation, and sales tactics to one based on compassion, service, and creating deep and meaningful relationships.

During Accelerate, they will support you, and there’s nothing they won’t do to help you succeed.

2 Coaching Workshops

On these high-energy LIVE Zoom calls, you will learn, you will engage, and you will grow. Most importantly, you will have fun.

Coach Training Materials

With audios, videos, PDFs, and case studies—many you get to own—Accelerate is essentially a mini-Coaching Academy.

A Real Community

You can’t do it alone and why would you want to try? You will connect and develop friendships with other like-minded people.

“After being part of the Accelerate program, I completely shifted my approach to connecting with clients. The program is designed to help coaches succeed. It's fun, interactive, and full of amazing tools. John is part of the process the entire time and he immediately welcomes you into his Insight Coaching family.”~Kylie Van Gelder


John Strasser is a Certified Master Insight Coach, Master Coaching Instructor, and TEDx speaker. He is ICF trained and has studied under some of the world’s most successful coaches.

Natalie Strasser is the Director of the Insight Coaching Community as well as a professional artist, meditation teacher, and mother of four fur babies.

Together John and Natalie host coaching workshops, retreats, local events, and a yearly pilgrimage across India. They are committed to teaching you an approach to coaching that allows you to serve powerfully without compromising your values.

If You're Committed And Ready

Click the link below and let us know you want to join!

We will get you signed up and give you access to the Coach Training Materials.

You can start them now or wait until Accelerate begins.

We will also be available to answer questions and offer you support, so feel free to ask!

Accelerate May 31 and June 7

2 Life Coach Training Workshops on Zoom

They are 1 hour and 30 minutes each

11am Pacific (California time)

2pm EST (New York time)

7pm GMT+1 (UK time)

11pm GMT+5 (Dubai time)

Replays available if you can't attend LIVE.


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