The Insight Coaching Community

Coach Powerfully.

Create Paying Clients.

Find Your People.

We are a community of world-class coaches doing things differently in the coaching space.

“Coaching is about change. When you get a prospect on the line, you will do well to focus on what they want to change. Instead of what most coaches do: they focus on themselves. They focus on fees and tactics and strategies for persuasion. That does not work. Stay with the possibility for change.” 

~Steve Chandler 

We Do What Works

And we don't do what doesn't work.

Rather than spending all our time marketing, we focus on connecting with people and creating authentic relationships. 

We Coach A Lot

This is the most important thing you can do to create a thriving coaching practice.

Within the first 4 months, you coach a minimum of 50 hours to become a Certified Insight Coach. Then, once you reach 1000 hours, you become a Certified Master Insight Coach. 

We Play Games

Every couple of months, we come together to transform what most coaches fear into fun!


January Game: Creating Your Best Year EVER! 

March Game: Embracing Failure & Going For NO! 

May Game: Absolute Service & Massive Growth

August Game: Technology and Possibility 

October Game: Create To Your Soul’s Desire

December Game: Client Creation Bingo!

We Create Programs

At the start of your third month, with the support of our Community, you will begin creating:

A group coaching program

Series of masterclasses

Online workshop

In-person retreat

One-on-one coaching package

Opportunities to speak

Whatever you choose!

We Embrace The Fear

The two biggest challenges in this business are the fear of failure and over concern with what people think.

Most coaches spend their time avoiding failure, which only keeps them from taking action as well as trying to please their clients, which is not serving them. 

We Enjoy The Journey

While we take this business and our purpose seriously, we joke, we laugh, and we have fun! 

We Support Each Other

You can’t do it alone. We are a Community of incredible coaches from all over the world, supporting and encouraging each other:

Ireland, England, Italy, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Cyprus, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Japan, India, Argentina, Morocco, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Canada, and the United States. 

And We Create Paying Clients

From brand new to fully established, coaches create paying clients and build thriving businesses.

We’ve had coaches create their first paying client in the first week, and we've had coaches create 8, 9, and 10 paying clients in their first few months. But it’s not about how many clients you create on your journey… it’s about who you become along the way. 


John Strasser is a Certified Master Insight Coach, Master Coaching Instructor, and TEDx speaker. He has studied under some of the world’s most successful coaches, including Steve Chandler, known as “The Godfather of Coaching” and co-author of The Prosperous Coach book.

Natalie Strasser is the Director of the Insight Coaching Community as well as a professional artist, meditation teacher, and mother of four fur babies.

Together John and Natalie host coaching workshops, retreats, local events, and a yearly pilgrimage across India. They are committed to teaching you an approach to coaching that allows you to serve powerfully without compromising your values.

Meet Some Of Our Community

Nicholas Selway, California

“I’ve discovered my power to create, be authentic, speak my truth, really be of service to others, and to lead with love. I’ve learned the incredible power and gift that a single insight can be. I am love and I am present in all that I do. I am a powerful coach.” 

Amrita Tiana Auer, Switzerland

“It’s a blessing to have met John and Natalie and this incredible Community. It’s like a golden mountain filled with golden nuggets. I feel inspired, privileged and supported. It’s awesome!” 

Ipek Williamson, Ontario

“I want to acknowledge John for everything he teaches, shares, and selflessly gives. Many of us are taking unbelievable steps in record time. I’ve never received this much value from any kind of program I’ve attended before.” 

Anthea Armar, London

“New friendships solidified and memories created because of this life-changing Community. To overcome fears, to get better as a coach, to grow and to create something so powerful—it connects people who may have never crossed paths before.” 

Eileen Walusimbi, Uganda

“I’ve connected  with wonderful people from across the globe and connected more with who I truly am. I’ve made such powerful shifts in my life. I love myself more. I have learnt to take inspired action and I have a much better picture of the kind of impact I desire to create in the world.” 

Aimee Stauth, Colorado

“John is an incredible mentor and someone who is changing the world. He’s cultivated a very special community of coaches, supportive and encouraging as each individual coach works through his or her own journey to becoming a better coach and person.” 

Janine Marsh, London

“The program has literally changed my life. I cannot even comprehend who I was before the ICC. From day to day, things are continuously changing. And it’s really powerful to be with people who understand me and understand my world.” 

Lisa Kneller, Arizona

“With the help of John and this Community, I enrolled my first two paid client within the first six weeks. I learned to deepen my understanding of who I am. I learned that I can screw up and still be a great coach.” 

Jena Kinney, New Jersey

“I was able to quit my corporate job during the middle of the program. And then within the first few months after graduating, I had created 13 paying clients, a group coaching program, and a workshop in New York City!”

Andrew Lampa, Michigan

“After being stuck for over 2 years, I joined the Insight Coaching Community as a last ditch effort before calling it quits. I’ve made more progress in my coaching practice during just the first couple of weeks than I ever imagined possible. Thank you ICC!” 

Anna Retha Bester, South Africa

“I’m only 2 weeks into this, and it’s one of the most life changing experiences for which I will be forever grateful. So much love, support, and fun while engaging in really serious stuff. This is truly an uplifting journey!” 

Jennifer Connery, Hawaii 

“I would have never done my program if it wasn’t for the creative part of this Community. It’s been a godsend. For 5 years I thought about doing a workshop and finally here I am. We all need that nudge, support, and encouragement and our potential is endless!” 

Whitney Sturner, Los Angeles

“Thanks to John and this beautiful Community, I’ve been able to take my practice to new heights. Before joining I had no idea how I would create paid clients and didn’t feel aligned to “attracting” them. With this new approach to client creation I signed on 10 clients over the last 4 months!”

Your ICC Journey Begins In Immersion

Immersion is our 16-week Insight Coaching Training and Client Creation Program. 

You will learn HOW to coach for insight and HOW to create paying clients by starting to coach and create paying clients NOW. 

  • Weekly Group Coaching and Training Calls led by John Strasser
  • Weekly Coach Training Materials available on an app
  • 54 Downloads to own and share with clients
  • Tutorials for every aspect of technology 
  • Multiple Coaching Partners
  • Create paying clients from the start
  • Coach a minimum of 50 hours in 16 weeks 
  • Become a Certified Insight Coach
  • Master Insight Coach Certification at 1000 hours 
  • Create program, retreats, and workshops 
  • Games to connect the Community
  • Unlimited support from our global Community 
  • Daily direct contact and mentorship from John 

Beyond Immersion

After graduating from Immersion, you get to remain in our Community for 2 years and 8 months, making our entire ICC experience 3 years. 

  • Feedback Coaching Calls
  • Spiritual Development Calls
  • Proposal Step Practice Calls
  • Community Mastermind Calls
  • Prosperous Coach Interview Calls
  • Meet and Greet Calls
  • Support of our global Community
  • Life-long Alumni family 
  • Yearly Alumni Reunion Retreats 

Enrollment in the ICC is by invitation only.

We are delighted and humbled to have your interest in potentially joining us. If we decide to work together, John and Natalie and the entire ICC will become your partner to help you create a thriving coaching practice. Please send us a message to connect more about it. 


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