[ jen-uh-sis] nounAn origin, creation, or beginning

BEGIN TO CREATE a thriving coaching business through connection, invitation, and authenticity, while taking your coaching skills to the next level, with John Strasser and the Insight Coaching Community

3 Steps

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Our Culture

We’ve cultivated a culture of coaches showing up professionally, authentically, and confidently, focused on doing what works rather than what doesn’t work.

Most coaches spend most of their time doing everything else but coaching. 

Coaches in Genesis learn to create paying clients and fill programs by getting into action and directly serving people. Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect. The time is now, and everything you want is on the other side of action. Join us and start making money by creating impact rather than content.

What We Offer

We have two paths you can take, both equally impactful depending on your focus. 

Genesis is our Professional Coach Certification & Business Building Program. It focuses more on creating programs and paying clients, while still teaching you how to coach at the highest level. This is for established coaches who want to get their business going and increase income.

Immersion is our Insight Coaching Certification & Training by Doing Program. It focuses more on developing your coaching skills and confidence, while still teaching you how to create paying clients. This is for all coaches, from brand new to fully established, who want to coach powerfully. Explore our Programs page for more info HERE.

Who This Is For

Genesis is for you if...

You want to stop wasting time creating content and start creating paying clients and programs with the help of incredible coaches from all over the world. 


You want to learn the most innovative, authentic, and efficient ways to directly connect with and impact people so that they ask YOU how to sign up. 


You want to level up yourself and your business and become a true professional coach, while earning your Professional Coach Certification and improving your coaching skills. You will create programs and paying clients.

What’s The Difference

There is a HUGE difference between Genesis and all the cookie cutter, target-your-ideal-client programs out there.

With other programs, when you graduate you’ve created your social media presence. With Genesis, when you graduate you’ve created actual programs and paying clients. 

With other programs, the focus is on getting people interested and turning them into conversions. With Genesis, the focus is on getting interested in people and inviting them into conversations, where ALL coaching agreements are created. 

With other programs, the learning is passive, boring, and seems to take forever. With Genesis, the learning is focused on taking immediate action along with other coaches doing the same.

We are operating at a completely different level.

What Needs To Happen

Here’s what needs to happen for you to create a thriving business.

1. You need to be creating paying clients NOW.

Most coaches spend all their energy trying to get people interested in their coaching when they could be getting interested in people. Paid coaching agreements are the result of connecting with people and ultimately coaching them. Successful coaches stop waiting for conditions to be perfect to take action. NOW is the best time and the only time to start creating relationships.

2. You need to be showing up as a professional.

People don’t hire life coaches to be their friend, meet for coffee, or try to please them. They need someone to help them take charge of their life. Professional coaches learn to separate their social self from their professional self. They show up powerfully, setting aside any tendencies to people-please or be overly concerned with what others think.

3. You need to be coaching as much as possible.

Most coaches spend most of their time doing everything else EXCEPT coaching. The more you coach, the more confident and better you will become. And the more confident and better you become, the more referrals you will get. The best marketing is being a powerful coach, and that happens from coaching. You MUST be coaching all the time.

4. You need to be experiencing insight.

Insight is the starting point of all change. Creating a thriving coaching business has more to do with how you change than how you coach. The world’s top coaches have experienced the most impactful insights along the way. You can’t take your clients deeper than you’ve been yourself. You MUST be changing, growing, and stepping into your power.

5. You need to be getting into action.

You don’t need more information, more modules, or more techniques. Successful coaches know that excessive learning is avoiding. Action is the antidote to fear and the avenue to success. Getting into action creates energy, and the energy awakens you, inspires you, and becomes the channel through which what you were meant to do can emerge.

6. You need to be investing in yourself.

Most coaches want fully committed clients yet aren’t fully committed themselves. Investing in your development as a coach and getting coached is imperative. You can’t see what you can’t see, the journey to becoming a successful coach has more to do with your personal growth than coaching, and you will never create paying clients without paying yourself.

What Happens When You Join

You immediately begin taking action to create paying clients and build programs, with the guidance of John Strasser, our Team, and all the coaches within our Community. 

Coaches are blown away by how quickly everything can change in their business after starting to directly connect with, impact, and coach. 

Who you are and how you show up in the world as a coach as well as a human changes. 

Genesis is a transformative technology that results in coaches transcending all the fears and stories that show up. What if I fail? What will people think? Later will be better.

What You Will Learn

You will learn to stop waiting for conditions to be perfect.

You will learn that the best time and the only time is NOW. 

You will learn that true learning comes from taking action. 

You will learn the power of creating your own community.

You will learn that being in a Community equals power. 

You will learn that investing in YOU creates commitment. 

You will learn that going for your dreams is the ultimate guru. 

You will learn that you don’t have to know how to do it in order to do it—and you can get ready by getting started.

What You Will Do

You will experience the momentum and excitement that comes from joining a high-energy program and a high-level Community. 

You will experience the energy and effectiveness of our weekly Genesis Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls. You will experience the power of their rotating themes: Creation Mode, Interviews, Workshops, and Enrollment Conversations.

You will create clients, programs, workshops, retreats, or any other kind of experience you choose to offer in your business. Most coaches create multiple offerings during their time with us. 

You will have the opportunity to attend our Monday ICC Open Teamwork calls. Join other Insight Coaches each week to “do the work”—clock as a Pro Coach and take the actions to build your business. 

You will have access to our Genesis Coach Training Materials: Videos, audios, PDFs, and Case Studies—all release to you each week within an online course. The Materials alone are worth the price of admission. They will blow you away. 

You will receive endless support. You will be assigned a Mentor Coach as well as Persistence Partners, other coaches you connect with regularly to keep you consistent and committed. 

You will connect with and get to know the other coaches in our Community from around the world, all dedicated to service. You will join our active and supportive Facebook group. You won’t have to do it alone anymore. What a relief. 

You will become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with a continued path to Certified Master Insight Coach (CMIC). While “being certified” in this business doesn’t guarantee your success, it feels good and represents your immense commitment to becoming a professional. 

We are a member of the ACTO—the Association of Coaching Training Organizations—a globally recognized and highly respected community of coaching professionals. We have decided to NOT join the ICF. We are committed to a higher level of coach training and accountability, and we don’t want to be limited by their coaching frameworks and impersonal coaching guidelines. 

Genesis is intended for coaches with full-time responsibilities as well as those with more time to dedicate to their business. 

To connect more, ask questions, and discuss commitments including fees:


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