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If you want to learn how to coach at the highest level and ultimately create a thriving coaching practice by focusing on service rather than marketing and manipulation—you’re in the right place.

The ICC is the most culturally diverse life coach training and client creation community in the world, with more than 100 coaches from over 25 countries on 6 continents.

Through our monthly free training, over 2000 coaches have learned an approach to this business based on authentic service rather than selling, marketing, or manipulating.

With the invention of the Insight Coaching Guiding Principles, we’ve elevated the pure coaching space by providing a powerful framework to create transformative coaching experiences.

“Which part of love do I need to be so they can hear me?” ~Christina Parkhurst, CIC

The Strassers


After overcoming a multitude of challenges including alcoholism and the death of their parents, Natalie and John Strasser have created a beautiful life together based on service, spirituality, and fun.

Together they lead the Insight Coaching Community—Natalie as Community Director and John as Master Coach and Instructor. They host workshops, retreats, local events, and a yearly pilgrimage across India.

Natalie is a professional artist, meditation teacher, and mother of four fur babies. John is a TEDx speaker, writer, and former failed comedian. He still thinks he’s funny, but Natalie usually disagrees. They just had their first child, a beautiful baby girl.

John Strasser

John Strasser is widely regarded as one of the world’s preeminent master life coaches and coaching instructors. 

Harvard trained and ICF credentialed, he has completed the world’s most advanced trainings while working with the world’s most successful coaches. 

John has coached more than 3500 hours and created a multitude of coaching programs, events, and experiences as well as The Insight Coaching Guiding Principles and the category of “Insight Coach.”

He has dedicated his life to service, spending two years volunteering on Marianne Williamson’s team in New York and another three years speaking to inmates weekly at Rikers Island prison.

Born with a yearning for spirituality, John has lived and studied in India and been back to the subcontinent thirteen times. Indian street food and overnight trains are his passion there.

John has gone from living in homeless shelters to creating an incredible life and thriving coaching business focused entirely on service. If he can do it, so can you. 

“I am the most powerful coach when I set aside anything and everything other than deeply listening and loving my clients. This means I don’t need to ‘do’ anything in particular, including strategies, tactics, sales or offering advice.” ~Kathryn Hodgens, CIC

The ICC Team

Certified Insight Coaches leading, mentoring, and coaching powerfully.

“My commitment to my coaching practice and to myself as a whole has been the most important thing I've created, because without it, I have nothing.” ~Dennika Sharan, CIC


Free Life Coach Training

 We've created an accelerated program to help people who are interested in life coaching to get started—or to help established life coaches accelerate their businesses.

It's free, it's fun, and it’s also a great opportunity to connect with likeminded people.

Accelerate will blow you away.


“My desire to serve is greater than my desire to hide.” ~Tamara Riley, CIC 


Insight Coaching Community Annual Retreat In Paradise

5 days and 4 nights at Florida’s Shangri-La Waterfront Mansion, awakening to what’s possible for your life and your life coaching business.

ICC Coaches Only. May 18 to 22, 2023

“You don’t really have to go looking. They find you when you genuinely come from a place of service.” ~Kaitlin Hoekstra, CIC

The Insight Coach

Book 1 in our new series

Coming Fall 2023

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Just by listening—learn to coach at a higher level and create paying clients NOW.


“Who would have known the trajectory and the change that I would experience as well as the things that I would be exposed to by joining this Community.” ~Julia Dickenson

Interested In Joining Us?

Do you want to learn how to create deeply transformative coaching experiences with your clients?

Does spending your time trying to standout on social media not align with how you want to build your business?

Are you an aspiring coach or already established coach that wants to take your business and your life to the next level?

You’re in the right place. 

We are a Community of world-class coaches doing things differently in the coaching space.

Insight Coaches are building thriving coaching practices based on integrity, authenticity, and service, while creating powerful coaching experiences. 

We offer the highest level of training and support available in the world—based entirely on getting into action—from a lineage that extends back to most successful coaches in history.

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Inside The Insight Coaching Community

Here’s what needs to happen for you to create a thriving business...

1. You need to be taking your clients deep.

People don’t hire life coaches to teach them about life or give them a bunch of opinions or advice—they don’t need more information. They hire coaches who help them access their own inner-expertise to create what they never thought possible. And they sign up for long-term coaching agreements after life-changing coaching experiences.

2. You need to be showing up as a professional.

People don’t hire life coaches to be their friend, meet for coffee, or try to please them. They need someone to help them take charge of their life. Professional coaches learn to separate their social self from their professional self. They show up powerfully, setting aside any tendencies to people-please or be overconcerned with what others think.

3. You need to be coaching as much as possible.

Most coaches spend most of their time doing everything else EXCEPT coaching. The more you coach, the more confident and better you will become. And the more confident and better you become, the more referrals you will get. The best marketing is being a powerful coach, and that happens from coaching. You MUST be coaching all the time. 

4. You need to be creating paying clients NOW.

Most coaches spend all their energy trying to get people interested in their coaching when they could be getting interested in people. Paid coaching agreements are the result of connecting with people and ultimately coaching them. Successful coaches stop waiting for conditions to be perfect to take action. NOW is the best time and the only time to start creating relationships. 

5. You need to be investing in yourself.

Most coaches want fully committed clients yet aren’t fully committed themselves. Investing in your development as a coach and getting coached is imperative. You can’t see what you can’t see, the journey to becoming a successful coach has more to do with your personal growth than coaching, and you will never create paying clients without paying yourself.

6. You need to be experiencing insight.

Insight is the starting point of all change. Creating a thriving coaching business has more to do with how you change than how you coach. The world’s top coaches have experienced the most impactful insights along the way. You can’t take your clients deeper than you’ve been yourself. You MUST be changing, growing, and stepping into your power.

7. You need to be getting into action.

You don’t need more information, more modules, or more techniques. Successful coaches know that excessive learning is avoiding. Action is the antidote to fear and the avenue to success. Getting into action creates energy, and the energy awakens you, inspires you, and becomes the channel through which what you were meant to do can emerge.

Here’s what happens when you join our incredible Community…

→ You immediately get into action.

Lencha Nastova, Baja Mexico

“Joining the ICC has changed me in such a short amount of time. There was so much self-created pressure for me to be the expert and say all the perfect things. But since I started applying the Principles, it's made coaching so much more fun! And I created my first paying client in the first month - 6 months paid in full - and 4 paying clients in the first few months!”

Monique Dell, California

“Being a part of this Community has completely changed my life and my business. I went from zero paying clients to 3 paying clients within the first 3 weeks!” 

→ You master the highest level of coaching.

Alex Dumas, North Carolina

“The ICC is incredible and has helped my coaching business tremendously. Within my 1st two months of joining, I earned back what I invested by creating two new clients. John is a powerful coach and his process works. The friendships I've created in this short time is unbelievable as well as access to powerful, master coaches.”

Nicholas. Selway, California

I coached 182 hours through Immersion. I discovered my power to create, be authentic, speak my truth, really be of service to others, and to lead with love. I learned the incredible power and gift that a single insight can be. I am love and I am present in all that I do. I am a powerful coach.”

→ You create programs and paying clients.

Jennifer Connery, Hawaii

“I would have never done my program if it wasn’t for the creative part of this Community. It’s been a godsend. For 5 years I thought about doing a workshop and finally here I am. I'm beyond grateful for saying yes to this program and to myself for finding the courage and deservingness to believe that I'm worth the support, success and joy that I've experienced!”

Tamara Riley, Alberta, Canada

“During Immersion I created 4 workshops. 1 is highly successful and has been run 4x. I created 10 paid clients and many of those have become recurring. I learned how to connect with people in such a deep and profound way. I learned how to serve people. I mean really serve - no expectations, no this for that mentality, no people pleasing. Just serving for the sake of serving. I am a full-time coach now.”

→ You get the support of our global community.

Anthea Armar, London

“New friendships solidified and memories created because of this life-changing Community. To overcome fears, to get better as a coach, to grow and to create something so powerful—it connects people who may have never crossed paths before.”

Lisa Kneller, Arizona

“I coached 90 hours during Immersion, and with the help of John and this Community, I enrolled my first two paid clients within the first six weeks. I learned to deepen my understanding of who I am. I learned that I can screw up and still be a great coach. I learned how to say, ‘Would you like to know what it would look like to work with me?’ and to be able to propose with confidence.”

Amrita Tiana Auer, Switzerland

It’s a blessing to have met John and Natalie and this incredible Community. It’s like a golden mountain filled with golden nuggets. I feel inspired, privileged and supported. It’s awesome!”

→ You start coaching a lot.

Tomas Virgadula, New York City

“I created 5 paying clients and coached 89 hours during Immersion. I learned that “DOING is better than perfect.” This process works and this group is so supportive. My coaching income pays for my life now and I have become a full time coach. I just want people to know this business is here for us to create for ourselves.”

Christina Parkhurst, British Columbia

“After years of running a structural bodywork business, I’ve quickly become a full-time coach. During the first 4 months in the ICC, I coached 133.5 hours and had 20 paying clients. I made twice my investment back by the end of Immersion and over the past year I’ve created more than 70 clients between all the unique packages I’ve learned to offer. I’m just so moved by this work, and more than anything, I’m excited about who I get to be.”

→ You never have to work a traditional job again.

Jena Kinney, New Jersey

“I was able to quit my corporate job during the middle of the program. And then within the first few months after graduating, I had created 13 paying clients, a group coaching program, and a workshop in New York City!”

Whitney Sturner, Los Angeles

“Thanks to John and this beautiful Community, I’ve been able to take my practice to new heights. Before joining I had no idea how I would create paid clients and didn’t feel aligned to 'attracting' them. With this new approach to client creation I signed on 10 clients over the last 4 months!”

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