Become a Master Coach and Create a Thriving Business

Our Next-Level Programs are designed to make you the best in the world.


I’d be willing to bet...

You don’t want to be average like every other typical life coach out there…

You want to become a master of coaching—confident, poised, and professional…

You envision yourself creating a business based on referrals rather than content…

No more wasting time doing what you don’t want to do…

You’re ready to build your business your way on your schedule…

It's time to become world-class and create a business your friends and family will respect. 

But you’re not sure what steps to take. 

You find yourself feeling stuck…

You don’t want to keep overthinking things…

You’re tired of wasting time… 

You know you were made to do this work… 

And you’re ready to go all in. 

And yet when you’re in this state of readiness, the feeling of uncertainty can creep in.

You experience self-doubt and even struggle with imposter syndrome.

You question if you have what it takes to become incredible at your craft. 

And then you realize that you wouldn’t want this if you couldn’t have it...

That all you have to do is step through the uncertainty and move into action. 

Imagine a community...

Where action is the antidote to fear and the avenue to success...

Where you learn to coach by coaching and level up your coaching by receiving personalized feedback…

Where you have unlimited opportunities to coach, be coached, and witness coaching…

Where you can access more than 25 different authentic steps to building a professional business…

Where you are given every single thing you will ever need to be successful. 


Don’t do what everyone is doing. 

You’re ready to really do this. But it feels like there’s so much you have to do. The never ending to-do list feels overwhelming, and you’re not to blame. The coaching industry is created to keep coaches doing everything else EXCEPT coaching. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you. Building a thriving coaching business and becoming an incredible coach is about coaching. That’s it. 



No cookie-cutter coaching, no embarrassing business models. 

Unlike most coaching communities that encourage coaches to do what everyone else is doing…

Our Next-Level Programs equip you with what truly works...

And that’s you coaching at the highest level while building a business you genuinely admire.


You are committed to making a significant impact through your coaching, and now you've discovered a path that resonates.

It’s all here for you. 

You don’t have to wait… 

You don’t have to wonder what steps to take next...

And you don’t have to worry about what you don’t know. 

Community, connection, training, and the opportunity to practice and grow await you.


Dual-Certification Life Coaching Mastery Path

 Become a world-class coach in record time while mastering the art of authentic client creation.

By the end of Ultimate, you'll have mastered how to:

 Create transformative experiences for your clients, the kind they will never forget. 

✓ Take people into their deepest dreams and desires, coaching on possibilities rather than problems.

 Empower yourself to coach anyone on anything, expanding your impact and income opportunities.

 Establish an exclusive, high-touch business while avoiding doing anything you don’t want to do. 

Implement systems and projects that bring consistent opportunities to coach more people.

Show up as a true professional and operate your business on a consistent schedule. 

Authentically sell your coaching by coaching, rather than being someone you’re not. 

 Design and lead impactful group coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats

 Succeed at a level few master coaches and business professionals ever do. 

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one incredible resource... the constant support from the entire Insight Coaching Community!

 We are a community of world-class coaches doing things differently in the coaching space.

 Rather than offering cookie-cutter coaching, we create deeply transformative experiences for our clients, the kind they never forget.

And instead of building our businesses by spending all day on social media, we create systems that allow our impact and income to grow through referrals and word of mouth.

See what’s included and then check out what makes us different 



(All in one program.)

Dual-Certification Training Path

Become a dual-certified master coach with our two cutting-edge self-paced programs: Immersion and Genesis. 

Immersion ICF Accredited Program

Master the art of deep coaching through hands-on live training calls with direct feedback from master coaches.

Genesis Business Building Program

Transform into a true professional coach while building a thriving business through referrals and word of mouth.

Coaching Mastery Online Course

Cultivate your distinctive coaching style in our ICF accredited course with all the necessary resources included. 

Business Building Online Course

Build your business with an array of strategies and gain wisdom from a multitude of highly successful coaches.

Unlimited Coaching Opportunities

Coach, be coached, and increase your coaching hours with coaching partners in our supportive community.

Hands-On Innovative Workshops

Strengthen your coaching and business skills in a variety of workshops where learning happens through action.

Authentic Sales Training Workshops

Sell your coaching without the sales pitch using our process to coach clients toward their biggest goals. 

Business Plan & Operations Manual

Navigate entrepreneurship and structure your workday with this personalized roadmap to running your business.


Step 1: Click the “JOIN NOW” button. 

Step 2: Choose your payment option. 

Step 3: Sign up and start taking charge of your life.

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Requirements for Insight Coach Certification:

 Complete the calls. 

Complete the course.

Coach the hours.

Requirements for Professional Coach Certification:

 Complete the course. 

 Finalize your manual.

 Display professionalism.

Requirements for Master Coach Certification:

 Complete the 2 certifications. 

 Coach the hours.

 Show mastery.

Just show up. We'll handle the rest.


Jena Kinney

“I was able to quit my corporate job during the middle of the program. And then within the first few months after graduating, I had created 13 paying clients, a group coaching program and a workshop in New York City!”

Tomas Virgadula

“I created 5 paying clients and coached 89 hours in the first 6 months. This process works and this group is extremely supportive. My coaching income pays for my life now and I have become a full time coach.”

Jennifer Connery

“I would have never done my program if it wasn’t for the ICC. For 5 years I thought about it. I'm beyond grateful for finding the deservingness to believe that I'm worth the support, success and joy that I've experienced!”

What Makes Us Different

We’re on a mission to transform the coaching industry, not just offer training.

What we teach is different.

We teach the highest level of life coaching and authentic business building in the world, period.


📍Coach On Possibility

Grow your business organically by coaching beyond problems and into possibilities.


📍Coaching Mastery Meter

Quickly increase your coaching skills with our tool to properly judge your coaching.


📍Role Play Practice

Navigate every challenging situation in your business by being prepared.


📍25+ Authentic Action Steps

Build your business authentically with access to all our proven strategies. 


📍Business Plan & Operations Manual

Optimize your business with our systems to effectively structure your workdays.


📍Authentic Sales Training

Make money without shady sales tactics by selling your coaching by coaching.

How we teach is different.

We empower coaches to become world-class by coaching rather than learning about coaching.


📍No More Waiting

Become empowered to take action and doing what you love sooner rather than later.


📍Ongoing Enrollment

Level up by joining a program filled with some of the best coaches in the world.


📍Coaching Hours

Reach mastery and confidence by coaching at least 150 hours with us.


📍Coaching Circles

Become truly empty by refining your coaching skills in our unique circles.


📍Direct Feedback

Pinpoint ways to improve with feedback from our top coaches (when you’re ready).



Experience personalized assistance and support in our client-focused community.


We don’t educate. We empower. 

Choose Your Program

IMMERSION: ICF Accredited Life Coach Certification Program $4997

  • Next launch to be determined
  • Financing available, payments $217/month
  • Master the art of transformative coaching
  • Coach beyond problems into possibilities
  • Coach anyone on anything to expand impact and income
  • Grow your business organically through referrals
  • 6 months access to live training calls featuring:
  • Coaching circles to deepen skills
  • Active witnessing to experience high-level coaching
  • Professionalism training to turn pro
  • Pro coach interviews for valuable insights
  • Role plays to master conversations and questions
  • Q&A sessions tailored to your needs
  • Direct feedback from master coaches (when ready)
  • Self-paced training, on or off camera
  • Replays available, perfect for any schedule
  • Online course to cultivate your unique style
  • Unlimited coaching opportunities
  • Coach 75+ hours in 6 months (many coach much more)
  • Supportive community of heart-centered coaches
  • Earn your Insight Coach Certification

GENESIS: Business Building and Pro Coach Certification Program $4997

  • Next launch to be determined
  • Financing available, payments $217/month
  • Transform into a pro coach with a real business
  • Build systems to increase client acquisition 
  • Structure your days with our operation manuals
  • Focus on referrals and word of mouth clients
  • 6 Months access to live workshops featuring:
  • Authentic sales training to sell without being “salesy” 
  • Creating prices & packages that align 
  • Developing group coaching, workshops, and retreats
  • Business tracking systems, calendars, and contracts
  • Role plays to master enrollment conversations 
  • Q&A sessions tailored to your needs
  • Strategies from our team of master coaches
  • Self-paced training, on or off camera
  • Replays available, perfect for any schedule
  • Online course to enhance your business skills
  • 25+ authentic action steps build your business
  • Supportive community of heart-centered coaches
  • Earn your Pro Coach Certification

ULTIMATE: Dual-Certification Life Coach Mastery Path $7997

  • Next launch to be determined
  • Financing available, payments $346/month
  • Experience everything from Immersion and Genesis
  • Plus + master coach certification path
  • Plus + additional 6 months access to live Immersion and Genesis calls
  • Plus + bonus trainings and workshops
  • Plus + access to all new programs and courses over the next year
  • Plus + access to our online co-creating space
  • Self-paced trainings, replays available
  • Establish an exclusive, high-touch business
  • Coach at the highest level in the world
  • Avoid doing anything you don’t want to do
  • Transform from confusion and overwhelm to clarify and confidence
  • Master all the unexpected situations you will encounter
  • Create your own community within the Insight Coaching Community
  • Succeed at a level few master coaches and businesss pros ever do
  • Earn your Insight and Pro Coach Certifications and then Master Coach Certification


Imagine the additional impact and income you could achieve by:

Utilizing a powerful tool to accurately assess and enhance your coaching. 

Implementing a clear 10-step framework for high-level coaching sessions.

Mastering the art of selling packages instead of individual sessions. 

Gaining access to every resource you will ever need for your business. 

1. Lifetime access to our Coaching Mastery Meter 

Enhance your coaching skills with our cutting-edge tool. 

Gain insights for continuous improvement. 

User-friendly with comprehensive instructions. 

Regular Price: $297 — FREE right now

2. Lifetime access to our new Ignite online program 

✓ Fuel your coaching with powerful questions. 

10-step framework for leading high-level sessions. 

Access 200+ tailored questions to enhance your coaching. 

Release Date: August 1, 2024 — Regular Price: $397 — FREE right now

3. Lifetime access to our new Illuminate online program 

High Commitment Client Enrollment. 

Master the art of selling packages, not sessions. 

Witness real training sessions with master coaches. 

Release Date: August 15, 2024 — Regular Price: $997 — FREE right now

4. Access to our Immersion Resource Center 

Comprehensive online resource for life coaches. 

300+ pieces of content including contracts, manuals, study guides, and more. 

Everything you need to build a professional coaching business. 

Regular Price: $997 — FREE right now

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