Want to Become a World-Class Coach?

Research-based, hands-on, innovative and life-changing programs. ICF accredited Immersion coach training and certification. Build a thriving business with less effort and more authenticity. 

Active community and unlimited mentoring

Master instructors and daily online LIVE calls

Authentic marketing and business training

Wow your clients

It’s hard to standout when you coach and market your coaching like everyone else.

Stop following the pack and start leveling up.

Our Mission Is To Help You 

Take Your Coaching and Your Business to the Next Level

Amateur coaches show up as experts, talk too much and needlessly suffer from imposter syndrome. They spend most of their time trying to get people interested.

Professional coaches show up empty, listen to understand rather than to respond and coach powerfully. They focus on getting interested in people. 

Are you ready to build a thriving business by being authentic and professional?

Join the ICC and get trained and certified OR start creating clients and programs right away. 

“Joining the ICC has changed me in such a short amount of time. There was so much self-created pressure for me to be the expert and say all the perfect things. But since I started applying the Principles, it's made coaching so much more fun! And I created my first paying client in the first month - 6 months paid in full - and 4 paying clients in the first few months!” ~Lencha Nastova, Baja Mexico

When you join, we offer two paths…

Creation Path

Your road to becoming a powerful, money-making coach.


Certification Path

Your first step into the professional coaching world.

Creation Path is for established or certified coaches ready to start taking serious action. The focus is on immediately creating paying clients and programs while leveling up your coaching. You get all the same calls and support as the Certification Path without the certifications.

Certification Path is for new or newer coaches seeking high-level training and certification. The focus is on developing coaching mastery within our ICF accredited Immersion training program while starting to build your business. You get two certifications and unlimited support.

Grow Your Confidence and Your Client List

Research-based training, business mentoring and accountability focused on: 

Become a life coach | Insight Coaching Community Leveling Up Your Coaching


Learn to coach at a higher level with the guidance of master coaches including our founder. 

✔️ Trainings grounded in the ICF Core Competencies 

✔️ Coach a minimum of 50 hours in the first few months

✔️ Mentor support to take on pro bono and paying clients 

Become a life coach | Insight Coaching Community Authentic Marketing


Create a thriving business and unique brand by doing what you enjoy and what actually works. 

✔️ Develop your business plan and client creation system 

✔️ Build an online presence using authentic marketing

✔️ Sell your coaching by serving rather than being salesy 


Join an active community of supportive and heart-centered coaches on the same path as you. 

✔️ Cultivate your own community within our community

✔️ Leverage the help of highly experienced coaches 

✔️ Attend our annual business Retreat In Paradise

“I coached 182 hours through Immersion. I discovered my power to create, be authentic, speak my truth, really be of service to others and to lead with love. I learned the incredible power and gift that a single insight can be. I am love and I am present in all that I do. I am a powerful coach.” ~Nicholas Selway, California

What You Get When You Join

The ICC programs, weekly calls and course materials are designed to help you grow on your time. Some coaches go all in while others show up a bit less. You will create your own path to success with the help of your mentor coach and other established ICC coaches. 


✔️ Immersion 20-week ICF accredited coaching program

✔️ Weekly LIVE calls led by master coach John Strasser 

✔️ Coach, be coached and witness coaching

✔️ Business role plays to practice professionalism

✔️ Become a Certified Coach (certification path)

✔️ Opportunity to earn Master Coach certification

✔️ 12-week insight coaching foundation online course

✔️ Coaching partners and monthly Q&A calls

✔️ Coach 50+ hours in a safe and supportive environment 

✔️ Daily guidance from your assigned mentor coach


✔️ Genesis 20-week business building program

✔️ Weekly LIVE workshops led by John Strasser

✔️ Take action to build your business with other coaches 

✔️ Create group coaching programs, workshops and retreats

✔️ Learn authentic and aligned sales and enrollment methods 

✔️ Become a Certified Professional Coach (certification path)

✔️ 12-week client creation foundation online course

✔️ Monthly Q&A interviews with successful coaches 

✔️ All the steps to create a thriving coaching business 

✔️ Step by step guidance from your assigned mentor coach


✔️ Join 100+ heart-centered coaches and creators

✔️ Culture of authenticity and professionalism

✔️ Create lifelong friendships and connections 

✔️ Build your own aligned community within ours 

✔️ Highly interactive and helpful Facebook group

✔️ Weekly ICC Office Hours calls “to do the work” 

✔️ Cultivating mindfulness and presence calls

✔️ Getting into the best shape of your life calls

✔️ Yearly ICC retreats in Florida (included) 

✔️ 12 months to learn, grow and level up

“The ICC is incredible and has helped my coaching business tremendously. Within my 1st two months of joining, I earned back what I invested. John is a powerful coach and his process works. The friendships I've created in this short time is unbelievable as well as access to powerful, master coaches.” ~Alex Dumas, North Carolina

ICC Weekly Schedule

Everything you need to level up your coaching, become unstoppable and build a real business. Create your own schedule with our help. Go all in and show up for multiple Zoom calls each week or attend one and catch a replay or two of the others. It’s up to you.

ICC Office Hours 

Open, informal and interactive space for you to work on and in your business along with other committed coaches doing the same. Focus on action, accountability and momentum. Calls led by Master Certified Insight Coach Tamara Riley. 

Mondays 12pm EDT & 4pm EDT (30 min) 

Creative Calls

Spirituality focused to help you grow in awareness and connect with ICC coaches. Topics include meditation, clearing fear, cultivating presence and being a woman in business. Calls led by a rotating team of Certified Insight Coaches. 

Tuesdays 12pm EDT & 4pm EDT (1 hour)


[ ih-mur-zhuhn ] noun: State of being deeply engaged. Your path to coaching confidence and mastery. Coaching, being coached and witnessing coaching. Role plays and Q&As. ICF accredited training calls led by Master Certified Insight Coach John Strasser. 

Wednesdays 12pm EDT & 4pm EDT (1 hour)


jen-uh-sis] noun: An origin or beginning. Your path to paying clients, programs, workshops and retreats. Build your business plan. Focus on authentic marketing and professionalism. Calls led by Master Certified Insight Coach John Strasser. 

Thursdays 12pm EDT & 4pm EDT (1 hour)


ICC Annual Business Retreat In Paradise

Awaken to what’s possible for your life and your life coaching business. Experience the true meaning of slowing down to speed up while speeding up your business.

  •  Rest, relax and be present in nature
  •  Enjoy sightseeing and the most beautiful sunsets
  •  Connect with other coaches in meaningful ways
  •  Participate in client creation games and challenges
  •  Attend daily workshops to create paying clients and programs 
  •  Take massive action on your business with other coaches doing the same

Held each May in Siesta Key, Florida, consistently ranked the #1 beach in the United States. Known for having the finest white sand of any beach in the world.

**Included for all ICC coaches. 

What’s The Unique Difference?

The structure of our community is designed to help you create your own journey based on how you want to build your business. 

The ICC Office Hours calls (on Mondays), Creative Calls (on Tuesdays) and Best Shape Of Your Life calls (on Fridays) are focused on your personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial development. 

Attending these calls is not mandatory. They are intended to add to your experience, when you have the time. 

The Immersion coaching calls (on Wednesdays) and the Genesis business building calls (on Thursdays) are focused on training. 

Coaches on the Certification Path begin in Immersion. They have the choice to attend Genesis during their Immersion training or after. 

Coaches on the Creation Path usually begin in Genesis and attend the Immersion calls when they choose. 

Part of what makes our structure so unique is that it allows you to go at your own pace. 

When you join, you get a year with us.

Never miss anything with replays available for all calls.

Our training approach is unique as well. 

You will learn to coach at a higher level by coaching a ton, being coached and witnessing coaching. 

Nothing creates more confidence and mastery than coaching. 

It’s common for coaches to coach 100+ hours in the first few months with us. 

You will build an authentic business by starting to create relationships and impact people now rather than waiting until later. 

Later is never better. It only gets harder. Now is the best time. 


Since 2018 our unique approach has helped hundreds of coaches level up their coaching and launch authentic coaching businesses. 

“I was able to quit my corporate job during the middle of the program. And then within the first few months after graduating, I had created 13 paying clients, a group coaching program and a workshop in New York City!” ~Jena Kinney, New Jersey

What’s The Investment? 

Become a confident, powerful coach with an authentic, money-making business, without embarrassing yourself or becoming a social media star, within the next few months.

Join the ICC now.

Choose Creation Path or Certification Path.

Payment plans starting at:



  • 20-week ICF accredited coaching program

  • Become a Certified Coach (certification path)

  • Opportunity to earn Master Coach certification

  • 12-week foundational online coaching course

  • 20-week business building program

  • Become a Certified Professional Coach (certification path)

  • Opportunity to create programs, workshops and retreats

  • 12-week foundational online client creation course

  • LIVE training and practice calls led by John Strasser 

  •  Mentor coach, coaching partners and Q&A calls

  • Additional weekly open calls with replays available

  • Join 100+ heart-centered coaches and creators

  • Highly interactive and helpful Facebook group

  • Yearly ICC business retreats in Florida (included) 

  •  12 months in the ICC to learn, grow and level up


Certification Path

For new or newer coaches seeking high-level training. Two certifications and unlimited growth and support. 

$7000 USD with monthly payments 

$6000 USD paid in full 


Creation Path

For established or certified coaches ready to start taking serious action. Same calls and support without the certifications.

$6000 USD with monthly payments 

$5000 USD paid in full 

Got Questions?

We can answer questions about payment plans, start dates and anything else you need to know.

We’re also available to offer you a call. 

Message us HERE.

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Book a call here: 

We have a 5-star Google rating with over 200 reviews.

“Being a part of this Community has completely changed my life and my business. I went from zero paying clients to 3 paying clients within the first 3 weeks!” ~Monique Dell, California

“I would have never done my program if it wasn’t for the creative part of this Community. It’s been a godsend. For 5 years I thought about doing a workshop and finally here I am. I'm beyond grateful for saying yes to this program and to myself for finding the courage and deservingness to believe that I'm worth the support, success and joy that I've experienced!” ~Jennifer Connery, Hawaii

 “During Immersion I created 4 workshops. 1 is highly successful and has been run 4x. I created 10 paid clients and many of those have become recurring. I learned how to connect with people in such a deep and profound way. I learned how to serve people. I mean really serve - no expectations, no this for that mentality, no people pleasing. Just serving for the sake of serving. I am a full-time coach now.” ~Tamara Riley, Alberta, Canada

“New friendships solidified and memories created because of this life-changing Community. To overcome fears, to get better as a coach, to grow and to create something so powerful—it connects people who may have never crossed paths before.” ~Anthea Armar, London

“I coached 90 hours during Immersion, and with the help of John and this Community, I enrolled my first two paid clients within the first six weeks. I learned to deepen my understanding of who I am. I learned that I can screw up and still be a great coach. I learned how to say, ‘Would you like to know what it would look like to work with me?’ and to be able to propose with confidence.” ~Lisa Kneller, Arizona

“It’s a blessing to have met John and Natalie and this incredible Community. It’s like a golden mountain filled with golden nuggets. I feel inspired, privileged and supported. It’s awesome!” ~Amrita Tiana Auer, Switzerland

“I created 5 paying clients and coached 89 hours during Immersion. I learned that “DONE is better than perfect.” This process works and this group is so supportive. My coaching income pays for my life now and I have become a full time coach. I just want people to know this business is here for us to create for ourselves.” ~Tomas Virgadula, New York City

“Thanks to John and this beautiful Community, I’ve been able to take my practice to new heights. Before joining I had no idea how I would create paid clients and didn’t feel aligned to 'attracting' them. With this new approach to client creation I signed on 10 clients over the last 4 months!” ~Whitney Sturner, Los Angeles