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Jena Kinney

“I was able to quit my corporate job during the middle of the program. And then within the first few months after graduating, I had created 13 paying clients, a group coaching program and a workshop in New York City!”

Tomas Virgadula

“I created 5 paying clients and coached 89 hours in the first 6 months. This process works and this group is extremely supportive. My coaching income pays for my life now and I have become a full time coach.”

Jennifer Connery

“I would have never done my program if it wasn’t for the ICC. For 5 years I thought about it. I'm beyond grateful for finding the deservingness to believe that I'm worth the support, success and joy that I've experienced!”

Ready to level up?

 Join the ICC and get trained and dual-certified while starting to build your business your way on your schedule.


The ICC Experience

Our ICF-accredited and research-based training turns confused coaches into confident professionals. We don't improve our clients' lives; we transform them.

People who want the highest level of training and support in the coaching industry.

Under the mentorship of Master Insight Coach John Strasser and his team. Our boutique-style coach training is customized for your specific needs. We offer dual-certification; Certified Coach/Certified Professional Coach. 

Right now. Enrollment closes at the end of this month. Become a certified coach in 5 months.

Because our mission is to level up the coaching industry. So many coaches are needlessly suffering, doing what they think they have to do and seeing zero results.


Step 1: Watch this video ↓

2-Minute Introduction


Step 2: How it works ↓

Get Certified Faster

✔️ Learn to coach by coaching while building an authentic business your way.

✔️ Complete our dual-certification path, including ICF accredited Immersion training.

✔️ Become a Certified Coach in 5 months and a Certified Professional Coach shortly after.

Coaching Made Easy

✔️ Let go of having to be the expert and the resulting imposter syndrome.

✔️ Coach anyone on anything, coach more, and make more money.

✔️ Gain trust and confidence from the people you coach.

Support at Your Pace

✔️ Personalized plan and timeline for your growth and success

✔️ Overcome fears and challenges with our guidance.

✔️ Unlimited opportunities to coach and be coached. 

✔️ Weekly Q&A calls with John and other master coaches.

Tailored For You

✔️ No more worries about selling your coaching.

✔️ Learn to sell by doing what you love (coaching) rather than marketing. 

✔️ Perfect for introverts, non-social media users, and those with few connections.

✔️ NOT perfect for people who want to waste their lives trying to conquer social media.

Everything You Need

✔️ Get valuable feedback on your coaching (huge benefit coaches love). 

✔️ Access to online resource center and courses (every tool you will ever need). 

✔️ Unlimited support from alumni to help you level up like they did (our community is amazing). 

Proven Results

✔️ Over 270 Facebook page reviews, with all 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

✔️ Over 240 Google reviews, with nearly all 5-star (one 4-star 🤔).

✔️ Check out our inspiring case studies and see yourself succeed.

Limited Spots

✔️ Boutique-style, exclusive training.

✔️ Only five qualified coaches accepted each month.

✔️ Enroll now to secure your spot.


Step 3: Case studies ↓

“The ICC is incredible and has helped my coaching business tremendously. Within my 1st two months of joining, I earned back what I invested. John is a powerful coach and his process works. The friendships I've created in this short time is unbelievable as well as access to powerful, master coaches.” ~Alex Dumas

“I coached 182 hours through Immersion. I discovered my power to create, be authentic, speak my truth, really be of service to others and to lead with love. I learned the incredible power and gift that a single insight can be. I am love and I am present in all that I do. I am a powerful coach.” ~Nicholas Selway

“Joining the ICC has changed me in such a short amount of time. There was so much self-created pressure for me to be the expert and say all the perfect things. But since I started applying the Principles, it's made coaching so much more fun! And I created my first paying client in the first month - 6 months paid in full - and 4 paying clients in the first few months!” ~Lencha Nastova

“Being a part of this Community has completely changed my life and my business. I went from zero paying clients to 3 paying clients within the first 3 weeks!” ~Monique Dell

“I coached 90 hours during Immersion, and with the help of John and this Community, I enrolled my first two paid clients within the first six weeks. I learned to deepen my understanding of who I am. I learned that I can screw up and still be a great coach. I learned how to say, ‘Would you like to know what it would look like to work with me?’ and offer my coaching with confidence.” ~Lisa Kneller

 “During Immersion I created 4 workshops. 1 is highly successful and has been run 4 times. I created 10 paid clients. I learned how to connect with people in such a deep and profound way. I learned how to serve people. I mean really serve - no expectations, no this-for-that mentality, no people pleasing. Just serving for the sake of serving. I am a full-time coach now.” ~Tamara Riley

“Thanks to John and this beautiful Community, I’ve been able to take my practice to new heights. Before joining I had no idea how I would create paid clients and didn’t feel aligned to 'attracting' them. With this new approach to client creation I signed on 10 clients over the last 4 months!” ~Whitney Sturner

About John

John Strasser is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most influential and authentic master coaches.

  • Harvard trained and ICF credentialed with 4500+ coaching hours
  • Founder of the ICC (reached $1 Million in revenue this year)
  • Typical Life Coach Podcast in the top 5% globally
  • High commitment one-on-one coach (1-year packages $25,000)
  • Built his business through invitation and referrals only (no marketing until recently)
  • Taught 3000+ coaches how to do the same
  • Lived in India and been back 13 times 
  • TEDx speaker, writer, and former failed comedian

John still thinks he’s funny, but his wife Natalie usually disagrees 😂. They’re living the life of their dreams after having their first child and moving into a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. 


Step 4: Guarantees ↓

Confidence Guarantee

Be 100% confident in your coaching within six months or get extra coaching until you are.

100-hour Guarantee

Coach at least 100 hours in the year with our support. We'll guide you through pro-bono and paid clients.

Make Money Guarantee

You will generate income with us. Our team ensures your success.

Step 5: Bonuses ↓

Deep Dive Bonus

Completing the first certification earns you a reserved spot for a Deep Dive session. On this one-on-one call with John, we'll create a personalized system to boost your business and income. A $2000 value, yours for free with us.

Creation Mode Bonus

Next, you'll secure a spot in Creation Mode. Join a call with John and experienced ICC coaches to create your first workshop, group coaching program, or retreat - whatever you choose! Practice in our safe ICC Community. A $2000 value, yours for free with us.

$50K Plus Success Circle Mastermind

Once you reach $4,000 to $5,000 a month income, you'll be invited to our exclusive Mastermind. Led by John, this monthly program includes highly successful ICC coaches. A $12,000 value, yours for free with us.


Ask yourself, “Do I want to settle for an average, cookie-cutter training that might work?”


“Do I want to guarantee my success by joining a community that delivers results?”

Don't settle for uncertainty. 

Join us for a transformative coach training experience. 

I’m in!


Paid in full

  • A year in the Insight Coaching Community
  • Dual certification path for credibility
  • ICF accredited training with founder
  • Boutique-style experience tailored to you
  • Unlimited support for your success
  • Customized coaching feedback
  • Coach 100+ hours to grow
  • Get coached for your growth
  • Witness live coaching in action
  • Work with pro bono and paid clients
  • Coach confidently in any situation
  • Coach anyone on anything
  • Earn money during your training
  • Guaranteed success on your journey
  • $16K in incredible bonuses

Paid in full:

$5999 (save $1000)

Payment plan: 


$1399 down with 10 payments of $599

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5-star Google rating with 240+ reviews


Our Immersion program is accredited with the ICF.