$47 ICF Accredited Life Coaching Program

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Insight Coaching and Professional Business Building Bundle


 1—ICF Accredited 7-Day Challenge: stop waiting and overthinking and start taking real action 

2—LIVE Coaching and Q&A Calls: connect, ask questions, and gain valuable insights

3—Active Witnessing Coaching: experience a LIVE insight coaching session off-camera

4—Group Coaching Creation Lab: launch your program with our help within one month

5—Authentic Business Building Guide: get paying clients without posting on social media  

6—Online Resource Center: loaded with replays, downloads, and additional materials 

7—World-class Client Support: our team ensures you get all you need from this program

8—ICF Accredited Certificate: awarded in Insight Coaching and Professional Business Building

How it works

You sign up and we level up your coaching

Experience the power of Insight Coaching

Witness LIVE coaching with feedback

Connect with other heart-centered coaches

Your chance to receive world-class instruction

 If it doesn’t blow you away, full refund

What you get

7-day challenge to get you into action

 Online ICF accredited training program

Insight Coaching and Business Building

 1 month access to LIVE coaching and Q&A calls (Tuesdays 12pm ET, replays available)

Resource center with LIVE coaching videos

Self-paced leading to ICF accredited certificate 

💥 If you can’t start yet, you can sign up now and start when you’re ready (includes online program and LIVE calls)

What you learn

 How to coach on possibility instead of problems

 How to create a high-touch, exclusive business

How to make money without social media 

 How to build your business the way you want

 How to operate through referrals and word-of-mouth

Who is this for?

Accelerate is ideal for new coaches ready to get their business going as well as established coaches ready to learn a new way and level up.

Who are we?

We are the Insight Coaching Community, a boutique-style international coach training company. We have a 5-star Google rating with hundreds of reviews, and we serve coaches from 30+ countries.

What’s the deal?

Just like you...

We want to help people.

So for right now, we’re making it financially easier for more people to experience our teachings.

This is your chance.

Sign up now. This is a no-brainer.

We just ask that if you sign up, you show up. 

We challenge you to make the most of this opportunity.

Kylie Van Gelder

“I completely shifted my approach to connecting with clients after being in the program. It’s designed to help coaches succeed. It’s fun and full of amazing tools.”

Nicholas Selway

“I discovered my power to be authentic, speak my truth, and lead with love. I learned the incredible gift that a single insight can be. I am love and I am present in all that I do.”

Dr. Stem Mahlatini

“Accelerate was so amazing. The videos and calls with other coaches were very helpful. I loved that it was for seasoned coaches like myself as well as new coaches.”

Ready to level up?

This is your chance. Join thousands of coaches who have leveled up how they coach and how they make money.


About John

John Strasser is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most influential and authentic master coaches.

  • Harvard trained and ICF credentialed with 4500+ coaching hours
  • Founder of the ICC (reached $1 Million in revenue this year)
  • Typical Life Coach Podcast in the top 5% globally
  • High commitment one-on-one coach (1-year packages $25,000)
  • Built his business through invitation and referrals only 
  • Taught 3000+ coaches how to do the same
  • TEDx speaker, writer, and former failed comedian

John still thinks he’s funny, but his wife Natalie usually disagrees 😂. They’re living the life of their dreams after having their first child and moving into a cabin in the North Georgia mountains. 


5-star Google rating with 240+ reviews

If you’re not 100% blown away by the value of this program, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. You just don’t get the ICF certificate. 

Accelerate is accredited with the International Coaching Federation. After completing the program, this is the Certificate (not certification) you will receive.

The link to the ICF website confirming that our business and this program are currently active and in good standing is HERE.

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