10 Commitments to Keep in 2024

10 Commitments to Keep in 2024

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I love endings and new beginnings. So I love a new year.

It’s a chance to set new goals and create new commitments, which gives me what I truly crave…

And that’s the feeling of making progress.

Think about it.

The feeling of making progress feels so good, and I think it feels better than what we feel when we finally reach our goals. 

That kind of feeling is fleeting.

I feel amazing and then very quickly the amazing feeling fades 

This year, I’m focused on the feeling of progress that comes from keeping my commitments.

When I keep my commitments, I trust myself. 

When I trust myself, I don’t worry.

And then when I don’t worry, taking action becomes easier.

These are the 10 commitments I created for myself for 2024.

I hope they inspire you. 

1. Be kind. Teach your children to be kind by being kind, in your thoughts and in your words, spoken and written, and in all your actions.

2. Be honest. Love people to the highest degree by being completely honest with them, with kindness.

3. Be creating rather than reacting. Put your blinders on and look only to what’s ahead. The sky's the limit when you stay focused.

4. Be present. Be where your feet are. When you’re with your family, be with them. When you’re working, work. When you’re online, get offline as soon as possible.

5. Be a leader. Your job is to be the unlimited example for others. 

6. Be aware. See in yourself what you see in others. Identify your racket, that excuse that keeps you safe, and then drop it.

7. Be consistent. Everything you want in life is the result of what you do each and every day. 

8. Be fasting and eating less. Too much food depletes your energy, while lean, healthy food, much later in the day, increases it.

9. Be yourself without reservation. The time to no longer worry about what YOU think the world thinks about you is NOW.

10. Be the absolute best person you can be, without being hard on yourself when you’re not.

Here to serve,

John Strasser

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