Life Coaching Truth You Have To Remember

Life Coaching Truth You Have To Remember

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As you continue to evolve in the life coaching business, you have to stay aware of one thing…

Deep down inside, your biggest dream is your biggest fear.

In other words, what people want most in life, people are most scared to fail at. 

As a result, people find ways to NOT dothe thing.” People find ways to do everything else BUT the thing. People find ways to stay busy doing every other thing—and that feels good. 

Being busy can feel good, even when you’re wasting time. 

The entire coaching industry has been created based on this truth. So it gives us NOT what we need, but what we want. 

And for most coaches that’s to NEVER coach. 

Because never coaching is safe…

Never coaching is never having to fail. 

Never coaching is never having to look bad. 

And never coaching is never having to go all in.

The question I want to ask you is…

Who are you coaching?

The most direct path to success in this business is to be coaching as much as possible. 

And coaching as much as possible begins and ends with the Invite Step. 

Who are you inviting to experience your coaching as a gift? 

Who are you reaching out to today to make a difference rather than a sale? 

I challenge you to coach more. 

Get busy coaching and watch your confidence grow, your skills increase, and your energy shift. 

People are attracted to coaches who coach.

Here to serve,

John Strasser

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