Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #35: How to actually coach a human

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Episode Notes 


Nurturing the insight questions

ASK: How does what you realized change things for you? 

ASK: What does this mean moving forward?

ASK: Where else could you use what you realized today? 

SAY and ASK: Coaching is about real changes in your real life. How specifically can you integrate these changes in your real life?

Powerful closing questions

ASK: What did you get out of this call? 

ASK: What was your biggest insight? 

ASK: What have you learned about yourself? 

ASK: What did you NOT learn?

ASK: What inside of you helped you to gain this insight about yourself? 

ASK: What else could further empower the insight you experienced today? 

ASK: Based on our session today, what is one thing you would tell yourself? 

ASK: Is there anything else you would like to share before we finish? 

ASK: What can you create that will help you stay committed? 

ASK: What’s a great question I can ask you right now to help you stay committed? 

ASK: What else, if any, do we need to think about or talk about before we finish? 

ASK: What would be the best way to end our time together?