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Ep #39: The business of being a business

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Episode Notes 


Diana Boskma Key Takeaways

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Develop the skills to become a professional by establishing routines and consistently showing up. 

Create work-life boundaries and learn to manage your time effectively as you navigate being your own boss as opposed to having a job.

Recognize that having fun and being serious can coexist. As you improve your skills and excel in your field, you’ll find greater enjoyment in your work.

Prioritize being present, give the clients space to think, and value the power of silence. Their thoughts are vital for reaching their objectives, and any interruptions could potentially disrupt their progress.

Use the Pomodoro Technique and time blocking. 

 “When it’s not planned it doesn’t get done.”

“It’s important to take it as a job because that’s what it is.”

“Everyone that I’ve seen winging it is either not coaching or has a job next to it.”

“When I don’t take this seriously, nobody else will take it seriously.”

“The more you people please, the less income you’re going to have.”