Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #29: A day in the life of a life coach

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Episode Notes 


A typical day for a life coach is mostly about social media marketing and getting people interested, but that may not always work well.

The difference between working "in" your business versus working "on" your business:

Working "in" your business: Doing the work (e.g. coaching)

Working "on" your business: Slowed down, creative, focused on growth

The 3 P's of Priority:

People (relationships with kids, partner, friends)

Profit (business)

Personal (health, personal development)

How to get out of your head and into action:

Start with meditation

Read in the morning

Do the most important/scary tasks first

How to be efficient and make the most of your time: Use time blocking, be realistic

Offered a quick introduction and a CTA (Call to Action) to support the podcast

How to avoid self-sabotage and start making money

Self-sabotage comes from unconscious fear

Practice helps overcome fear

Truth: You don't have to know everything to start

How to create a real working schedule that you stick to:

Truth: You don't have to know everything beforehand

Help from the community is available (e.g. creating business manuals)

Avoid wandering around without a plan.



Example Manual: system in the form of a manual to share with someone who will fill in for you.

Each day, I work on the following steps:

Step 1

—Coming out of meditation, sit quietly for 5 minutes listening to spiritual music, and allow 3 people’s names to come to mind. Message them with, “Hey I’ve been thinking about you. How are you?”

Step 2

—Ask yourself, “Who could I share some acknowledgement with?” 

Come up with 2 names. Then send them a message of acknowledge. 

Step 3

Reach out to one person and ask them if they’re down to have a connect call.

This can be anybody—no attachment/no outcome. A/B mindset—A I did it and B I didn’t do it. 

Step 4

Take a break and celebrate. 

Go for a walk. 

Read a little.

Step 5

Offer 1 person a gifted coaching session and book it. 

This can be anybody—no attachment/no outcome. A/B mindset—A I did it and B I didn’t do it. 

Step 6

Let one person know you are coaching now. 

“Hey, I don’t know if you know, but I left my job. I’m transitioning into life coaching. And if you ever know anyone who needs help with anything in their life, connect me with them! I would love to offer them a session as a gift.” 

Step 7

Coach someone if you can.

Step 8

Get on Facebook for 30 minutes to an hour and start commenting and cultivating relationships. 


This can be anybody—no attachment/no outcome. A/B mindset—A I did it and B I didn’t do it. 

Friend request—then when they accept, introduce yourself. And if you can, mention you’re a coach. 

Example Manual:

Each week, I attend a hiking/biking meet-up group and connect with people and direct/indirect invite. 

Each day, I spend time alone, taking walks, doing yoga, and creating art, in between coaching calls.

Each week, I spend 30 minutes reflecting on what worked and didn’t work in my coaching and in my coaching business - a 30-minute business meeting. I continue to develop the specifics of this. 

Each week, I invite 5 people to a gifted birthday session on Facebook Messenger - through voice or text. 

Each week, I look at Facebook suggested friends, friend-request at least 3 of them, and send them a message saying hello. 

Each Friday, I learn for 3 30-minute increments. I ask what was my biggest insight, how can I use this insight, why must I use this, and when will I use. 

Example Manual:

Each Monday, I block off time on my calendar for the following 2 weeks to have coaching sessions. 

Each day, before a connect or coaching call, I listen to a short meditation. After each call, I spend 5 to 10 minutes reflecting on my biggest insight, how I will use it, why I must use it, and when I will use it. 

Each week, I directly or indirectly invite  3 people to experience my coaching as a gift. It can be imperfect. 

Each day, I offer someone a call, I put in my calendar the next day (24 hours) to circle back.

Each day, I log in and check and see if there are any lingering connects or invites to “circle back”

Each day, Monday to Friday, I schedule 30 minutes on something that sparks inner joy: singing, dancing, listening to music, and jumping up and down. 

Each day, Monday to Friday, I spend at least 10 minutes stretching. 

On Sunday, I go into nature and come up with __ names of people I could connect with. 

Example Manual:

I work Monday to Thursday.

Monday to Thursday, I get up in the morning, listen to podcasts for inspiration and ideas from 7am to 9:30am. 

Monday and Wednesday, on Linkedin I find 1 to 3 people and send out a connection message to them.

Monday and Wednesday, on Facebook, I find 1 to 3 people celebrating a birthday in a week and send a birthday connection message. 

Monday and Wednesday, I log into my software to follow up with 1 to 3 people and follow up with them. Covve CRM software. 

Monday and Wednesday, I send out hyper-personalized, fun, 1-minute or less, one-time, in order to connect depending on what they are about - to 3 people - 1 Facebook, 1 Linkedin, and 1 follow-up. 

Each week, in order to not scale, create handwritten letters with wax stamps.