Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #24: A Deep Discussion on the Nature of Coaching

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Episode Notes 


Matt Padulo Interview Key Takeaways

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Slow down. Take your time. Be intentional and be with the experience. This is the energy that Matt exudes. 

Consider the question, “How can I best serve this person?” This shows up in massage as well as coaching. 

The removal of things tends to be the biggest lever to create real impact in someone’s life. Such a deep perspective to think about. 

Don’t make an assumption ever, ever, ever. And just keep being curious and see what we can create in our lives. 

One of the founding principles of coaching is slowing down, having no agenda and being like a child with the child-like curiosity. 

Once you choose YOU and you know clearly what you’re choosing and why you’re choosing it, the execution becomes easier. 

When you give yourself no out, it’s actually easier. 

The best: “I just made a decision to NOT be scared.”