Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #13: Fearless Truth Telling

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Episode Notes 


Fearless Truth Telling For YOU

Clients don’t pay for the coaching. They pay for THEIR COMMITMENT to the coaching. 

The best time to raise your prices is NOW.

Just because someone might expect the price doesn’t mean you give it to them. 

Their money is none of my business.

Don’t be the NO.

People want the price because all they want is a solution, and having the price feels like they are making progress toward the solution. 

Our job is to be THE ONE PERSON who is NOT going to buy into their story.



Lies Coaches Tell To Keep Them Safe

In order for me to ask someone I coached for a referral, I have to be absolutely sure they had a great experience of my coaching. If they didn’t get a ton out of my coaching, which I judge, whoever they know won’t get much from it. 

The package or proposal I create is to make them happy rather than make US happy.

In order to increase my fees, I have to do so incrementally rather than simply jumping to the level I want to charge.

They are paying for the time I offer them on the call, rather than the incredible commitment to the ultimate goal of creating a new life, which is worth MUCH more than my time. 

In order to do it, I have to KNOW I can do it. 

In order to do it, I have to KNOW it’s possible to do it, even though I haven’t done it yet. 

Money creates greed.

I don’t deserve money or success.