Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #23: Natalie's First Time Coaching!

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Episode Notes 


Powerful Coaching Truths and Questions

In the presence of the question, the mind thinks. 

There is so much power in reflecting. The client hears what they have been sharing, which can evoke insight.

Give your clients a chance to think FIRST. 

Our ideas as coaches are NEVER as good as their ideas, even if they're the same.

To start, ask, “Are you ready to get started?” This separates the small talk from the powerful coaching that is about to commence. 

Powerful starting question—If we got to the end of this coaching session and you had the most valuable, life-changing experience, what would we have discussed?

Creative, solution-focused question—What one word pops into your head when I ask, “How do you get unstuck?” (Taking the client deeper with their own solution)

What’s the first action step in letting go?