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 Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #21: Giving Clients MORE

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Episode Notes 

2 Powerful Coaching Questions

Imagine that I’m a miracle creator and together, you and I, in this short period of time, can create a miraculous shift in your life that brings you more joy, fun, abundance, maybe Christmas spirit, or anything else your heart desires?

Now imagine it's a couple of months from now and you've completely shifted... what one thing in you would have changed?

Leveling Up Your Coaching

—Being organized and professional 

—Creating notes and commitments and offering them after the session

—Creating creative agreements, like including a team member for business coaching or offering a 3-hour workshop to kick off the coaching agreement 

—Constantly teaching how the coaching works

—Constantly showing them the work they're doing is working 

—Saying “our relationship is like we’ve been friends for 35 years… so with that, I will tell you the truth…” 

—Creating an image in Canva that describes their insights

—Creating an image they can add to their phone with their big goal

—Taking time to get deep with the notes and thoughts on session and then sending the notes 

—NEVER letting them off easily, which is questioning their stories and sometimes implementing a little fearless truth telling (with love of course)

—Reflecting back their exact words - noting their language and tone when they speak

—Challenging them when they limit themselves or make fixed statements: “I’m this way,” “I could never do X...,” “That's not me.”

—Loving them unconditionally

—Being completely with them without judgment or agenda

—Giving them the gift of presence