ICC Podcast

Ep #6: The Next Level of Coaching

Episode Notes 


Powerful Questions

(Great question to ask when client doesn’t have anything to coach on)If fear didn’t exist, who would you become and what would you really want?

(Powerful starting question)If there were no limits and no boundaries, if anything was possible and you could ask for anything knowing that you would receive it, what would make our time together life-changing for you?

(Great question after reflecting)What are you hearing from what you just said? 

(Great checking in question and example of the energy of partnering in coaching)Where would you like to go from here?

(Great example of the energy of partnering in coaching)Is there something you haven’t said that you want to say? 

(Strong, ownership-taking question)What has to happen for you to change?

(Strong, ownership-taking question)What has to change for you to change?