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Ep #40: The Ask Step: A Blueprint to Turn Prospects into Paying Clients

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Episode Notes 


Dillan Taylor Key Takeaways

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Dispel the misconception that discussing coaching fees is daunting. Make the conversation exciting and respectful by focusing on the client’s goals and accomplishments and gently inquire if they would like to continue working together. Maintain transparency and engage the client in the process without hidden agendas.

Understand that even high-level coaches face rejections and ‘NOs.’ Embrace these responses as a part of the coaching journey, rather than a reflection of your abilities. Allowing clients to say no reduces pressure. Moreover, use these experiences to identify areas of improvement, refine your skills, and become a better coach through practice and continuous learning. 

Avoid using a predetermined curriculum; instead, guide clients in creating their own plan tailored to their goals and aspirations. Facilitate their growth by asking questions and encouraging them to envision their dreams and the necessary work to achieve them.