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Ep #8: People Pleasing Is Deadly

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Episode Notes 

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How Perfectionism Shows Up

—Fear of failure

—Procrastination/waiting for conditions to be perfect to take action

—Rumination, obsessively thinking about things

—All or nothing thinking

—Trying to make things perfect

—Inability to make decisions

—Inability to complete projects

—Doing everything except what’s really important

—Over concern with what others think, people pleasing



Powerful Truths and Quotes

J.A.D.E. Concept: I don't have to Justify, Argue, Defend, or Explain... and "NO" is a complete sentence. I don't have to say anymore.

“Your ego is not your amigo!” 

“Stop caring about what people think and start caring more about people.”

“Nobody is coming.”

“The #1 reason people aren’t successful is because they avoid. They avoid pain, they avoid suffering, they avoid the perception of failure, and they avoid the fear of what they think people will think. And then since the #1 reason people aren’t successful is because they avoid, the #1 way to succeed is to seek and embrace. Seek and embrace pain, seek and embrace suffering, seek and embrace the perception of failure, and seek and embrace the fear of what we think other people will think.”

Joseph Campbell believed the most heroic of all acts is the courage to discover who you are and what you would like to be. To slay the savage dragon of the ego, he would say, and to follow your bliss to the truth of your life. A hero is someone who has given their life to something other than themself.