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Ep #36: A simple path to 6 figures

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Episode Notes 


Dillan Taylor Interview Key Takeaways

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In the early days of Dillan’s coaching business, the biggest mistake he made involved allowing fear to slow down his progress and keep him from doing the work.

It can feel really slow and overwhelming at first (reaching out to people) but if you zoom out, it is the quickest way to build a life coaching business.

What you can achieve in a year of reaching out to 5 or more people a week can put you miles above other methodologies of getting clients.

Life coaching is building relationships with people, which involves having a conversation and getting interested in them.

Connect. Invite. Coach. Ask. (The simple path)

Recognizing and maintaining a distinction between your “friend self” and your “coach self” can be invaluable when coaching friends.

Get curious about people.

Always schedule the next call before ending a connection call, especially after inviting them to a gifted coaching session.

“You have my permission to say NO.”

There is nothing wrong with being afraid; it only becomes disempowering when we let the fear keep us from doing the work.