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Ep #27: Start Here ↓

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Episode Notes 


Leveling Up Your Coaching

Powerful coaching is about creating the space for clients to access their own expertise, rather than sharing the coach's expertise.

The goal of powerful coaching is to help clients come up with their own solutions and ideas, and to help them gain insight.

Insight is the starting point of all change and is the distinction between running the maze and realizing there is no maze.

The story of the client "Kat" illustrates the concept of coaching the person rather than the problem. Kat initially believed that her problem was her mindset around money, but through coaching, she realized her problem was her tendency to do everything except work on creating money.

Coaches should avoid jumping in and trying to solve a client's problem, but instead, remain curious and ask questions to help the client arrive at their own insight and solution.

People don't need information, they need transformation. They know what they need to do, they just can't do it.

Clients retain 20% of what someone tells them and 80% of what they tell themselves.

Clients don't do well with solutions they've had no part in creating.

Coaches' solutions are never as valuable as the client's, even if they're the same.

Coaching in a way that allows the client to do their own thinking is coaching, and coaching in a way that has the coach suggesting, advising or problem-solving is not coaching.