Typical Life Coach Podcast

Ep #18: The Drained Coach

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Episode Notes 

Your Coaching Doesn't Have To Be A Spectacle

I heard that from a coach in our Community, and I love it. 

It’s a great reminder that this business can be as simple as I choose it to be. 

I can connect with people and coach them. 

I can make my primary activity each day getting to know people. I can get interested in them and what they’re up to. I can ask questions and practice being curious.

When they talk about something they want to accomplish or overcome, I can ask more questions and get more curious. 

Eventually when it feels right, I can ask, “Would you like some help with that? I don’t know if I can, but I'd love to offer you a coaching call as a gift.”

That’s a light question, and it feels good.

It also takes the pressure off. I haven’t guaranteed anything. I don’t have to be the expert. In fact, I can’t be.

How can I be the expert in someone else’s life? They hold their own inner expertise, and my only job is to help them access it. 

Offering them a gifted coaching call is a gift to them and it's a gift to me. It will get me coaching. It will get me doing what really I want to do, and that's help people.

I can help them slow down and think about what they want to create and what's in the way. We can partner together and see what we come up with. 

Yeah, that feels really good. I can do this. I can make a difference in someone’s life today JUST by reaching out to them. 

In the end, I can learn to serve for the sake of serving.

If I’m not good at it yet, it doesn’t matter. I am getting better each day.

I know that I become who I practice to be, and I'm practicing being a coach that serves because it feels incredible and it’s who I am. It’s my soul’s calling. And it works.

I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen many coaches create thriving coaching practices by doing nothing else but getting to know people and serving them FIRST before ever talking about money. 

Today I can focus on one person, one connection, and possibly one conversation. 

I've learned that "no coaching agreement takes place outside of a conversation." 

All I have to do to build this business is focus on getting into conversations.

That's where the magic happens.

Whether I'm connecting with someone or actually coaching them, I'm making a difference and giving them the experience of me. 

That way, when or if the time ever comes, rather than them trying to figure out what they think I can do for them, they will have had a real experience of it. 

Yeah, that feels good. Yeah, I can do this.