ICC Podcast

Ep #1: What’s The Big Deal With Insight? 

Episode Notes 


Powerful Questions

(Piercing question)—What do you really want to be doing?

(Insight evoking question)—Can you tell me more—could you be more specific?

(Piercing question)—What’s that thought that’s keeping you from being comfortable? 

(Piercing question)—What are you spending time on that is an unconscious way to avoid doing what you know you have to do? 

(Piercing question)—When are you going to go all in? 

(Piercing question)—Can you tell me about your success secret? How do you successfully hold on to this judgment? 



Truths To Remember

In the presence of the question, the mind thinks. And in the presence of the next question, the mind thinks again.

Insight is seeing things differently and more deeply. It’s an experience of greater clarity and truth. 

When we have an insight, we see something we couldn’t see, and then as a result, our world begins to shift. We show up differently and begin to create in ways that were impossible just moments before. 

Insight equals action and it’s the only point of change.

We cannot change unless we have an insight. 

Once we have an insight, change becomes inevitable.

Insight is this: nothing’s changed and everything’s different.  

All coaching is about insight. The distinction is whether you, as the coach, try to give YOUR insights or you create the space for clients to access THEIR OWN.